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My Divinity Unbridled, An Intimate Unveiling of One Heroine's Journey Home, is my memoir, and the story of uncovering and unfolding into the full expression of who I am, and the courage to stand in that both in life and in business. It offers a poetic, luminous look on love, both with the self and with others, and the roles each of us play here on Earth during this pivotal time.

'My heart, my soul, my secrets, my grief, my experiences, my illuminations from this intense awakening, spilled onto ~325 pages. The magic of her, of me, and how we came to be. A dedication to real, true, full, unrestricted, unwavering love. Love that is infinite in the complexities of its layers, and equally simple in its being-ness. My heart is at peace and my soul is alive with the rainbow colors of this divine truth. Truth that no longer allows me to deny, nor prove, nor beg, nor hide. For she is the patient witness who courageously meets me in every moment, in every breath, exactly where I am, as she holds my heart in her hands when the pain of its expansion is too much for me to bear. And I see now, that this is the way to the healing of the world.

This deep devotion to truth that sweetly places a hand on one another’s heart and says “It’s safe to feel. It’s safe to break open. It’s safe to heal. I am right here, and I am forever yours.”'

I have also written a 60 page journal, that I offer as a free digital download on Divinity Unbridled, if you are interested in uncovering your own path.

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