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Benefits of Riding

May 27, 2021

Riding a horse is an excellent option for leisure and a great outing to do with the family! When you ride you work the muscles of your legs, arms, glutes, and mind. The benefits of riding include:

Developing and improving self‑confidence

‑ Developing and improving self‑confidence, which is stimulated in the interaction with the horse, encouraging leadership, connection, listening and self‑confidence.

Exercising your creativity

‑ Exercising your creativity. Did you know horseback riding stimulates the creative side of your brain? In addition, the contact with nature also works as a break from routine, something greatly positive for your creativity.

Improving your posture

‑ Improving your posture because you learn to adopt a balanced stance which activates your muscles.

Decrease stress

‑ Decrease stress. From the experts, the interaction with horses represses the production of hormones related to anxiety and stress and gradually replaces them with a feeling of peace and tranquility that only nature knows how to provide.

Which other benefits of riding can you notice?

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