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How To Bond With Your Horse

June 11, 2021

Bonding with your horse makes your ride funnier and easier. Mutual trust and respect are formed by this strong bond. Check these 3 tips to discover how to do it:

- Do groundwork exercises. Groundwork teaches your horse to respect your personal space and look to you as the leader. It is also a great way to introduce new training exercises before trying them in the saddle.

- Learning to recognize your horse’s physical cues will let you know when your horse is stressed or relaxed. When you have knowledge of what your horse is feeling, you can take the actions needed to help them calm down or feel less anxious.

- Mind your emotional state when you are around your horse. Horses tend to pick up on the emotions of the people that are around them. It’s important to check yourself before walking into a training session with your horse.


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