Women in Purpose

How To Support Female Business Owners

June 1, 2021

Promote small businesses on social media

Tag them by presenting them in your social media posts, engage on their feeds, tag friends.

Review women‑owned businesses

Access Google, Yelp, Facebook and leave a positive review on their business and share all the reasons why other people should support their business too.

Mentor a woman who is starting her company

If you are a business owner, assist and become the facilitator for other women to start and succeed in business. Donate a few hours a year to directly guide, support, and help a woman‑owned company expand and raise the level of its brand and reach.

Organize a meeting of women entrepreneurs

Be it a small chat on a virtual platform or a lunch more geared towards business, seek to bring women together to connect, collaborate and support each other.

Shop at women's‑owned businesses

Whenever you're looking for something to buy, first research if there's a business owned by a woman selling what you want.

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